• Date of birth: 01.01.2014
  • Sire: Kan Trace Bazooka Joe (Ch.J-SLO, Ch-INT, SLO, HR, I, A)
  • Dam: Aura Ocrina (Ch-SLO, A)
  • Colour: brown
  • Hips: HD A/A
  • Genetic tests: BFJE normal, LSD normal
  • Breeding licence: excellent
  • Teeth: scissor bite, full dentition
  • Height: 46cm

Bart is a loyal, obedient and adaptable dog. He has a curious mind. As a typical lagotto he is agile, intelligent and easy to train. He likes to be mentally stimulated and enjoys different tasks at all times. Bart is a wonderful family member reciprocating our affections by warning us on the presence of strangers. He loves participating at all familly activities like ski touring, sailing, traveling by car and making us company at work. Bart became a source of positive energy and vibrations. He brings us laughter and joy each day.

  • Contact: Boris Ostan
  • Phone: +386 40 506 916
  • E-mail: boris.ostan (a)