Our dogs

Jo is a dominant, temperamental male. It is open, communicative, friendly, very sociable and curious. Jo treats it`s toys unusually carefully and gently. Jo has never destroyed it`s favorites’ toys and it lets them generously to our bitches. It is very reliable in the house or apartment and needs no control. Due to its self confidence, energetic behavior and desire for the show Jo is an ideal and also a very successful show dog.

First victory in the most important special show in Bagnara Romagna.

Awards ceremony in Bagnara Romagna 2009. In the photo are the owner Ales Gasparic with Jo (Kan Trace Bazooka Joe) and (right) both judges: Dr. Giovanni Morsiani and Ms. Serena Bernardi.

Nostryffelns Kiara - Kiara

Nostryffelns Kiara is a generous and caring female with a great hart. It wants to stay close to the family members in any situation. It follows the development around us vigilantly and warns us with short barks and silent snarls when noticing something unusual. Kiara is brave and stable female, very tolerant of other dogs. Unlike Jo Kiara is most interested in what's in toys. In no time it tears the wheezing toy to pieces and pulls out the whistle and the filler and then plays with remaining for the rest of the months. It has a special technique of throwing of toys and other objects – throwing them from the plant, even meters away. Therefore we let Kiara play with heavier projectiles only in the garden and quite far from windows.

Aura Ocrina - Ora

Aura is especially temperament, playful and communicative. In addition to different types of barking, snarls and groans it uses a wide range of interesting, articulated voices. At the same time just sitting on the rear paws, Aura gesticulates with her front paws and does not give up until we figure-out what it really wants. Aura is the embodiment of lagotto intelligence in many ways - especially when it wants to outwit me to jump into my lap and get an additional portion of cuddling. Aura is an ideal anti-stress therapy.